Montego Bay



Montego Bay


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"The City on the Sea"

Montego Bay, or "Mobay" as Jamaicans always call it , is Jamaica's second most important city and also the second largest. Montego Bay is Jamaica's tourism capital, as it boasts a tremendous and constantly flourishing hotel industry. Montego Bay, the city, is beautiful, crowded and lively. Picture Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras, add a heavy splash of Caribbean flavor and that is the city of Montego bay. There is an endless array of market streets and friendly vendors selling every and anything that a person could desire.

Although the name Montego Bay sounds beautiful, the name actually translates into "Bay of Lard" because there was a lard-making industry that came about from the hunting of wild boars that could be found in the mountains around the city.

Montego Bay's Doctor Cave Beach was initially what caused it to be famous, as celebrities and socialites came from all over the world to indulge in the beach. The crystal blue waters are said to be fed by mineral springs and many claim that the waters have healing powers.

Montego Bay is actually divided into three parts. There is the city itself, comprised of crowded, colorful streets. There is the "hotel area", comprised of a mile and a half strip running from the town, past the beautiful Doctor's Cave Beach, out to Chatham Hotel. Lastly, there are the hotels on the beach or hillside.

An excellent attraction within Montego Bay is the Rose Hall Great House. The story of the house is legendary in Jamaica. It is said that the house was once the home of the most famous and evil witch in Jamaica, Annie Palmer, mostly known as The White Witch. As the legend would have it, Annie thrived on torturing her slaves. People even say that she kept the head of a slave girl in a massive jar soaked in brine for preservation. It is also said that Annie had many lovers whom she treated with a cruelty equal to that which slaves received. In her older years, Annie was found dead in her bed and people say that it was an angry slave that killed her, or a vengeful lover.