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Mannish Water

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Mannish Water is one of Jamaica's most popular soups. Believe it or not, the soup is actually widely revered as an aphrodisiac. Mannish Water is sometimes called "Power Water" and "Goat Head Soup." It is made from goat heads, garlic and scallion, among other ingredients. The soup is rarely ever cooked inside of a Jamaican house or restaurant, perhaps to increase the flavor of the soup. An outside fire is always built before making the soup and it is usually prepared in an extremely large pot because never just one person ever drinks it.

Mannish water is a very popular "Party Food" in Jamaica. Aside from Curried Goat, Mannish Water is a dish that is almost guaranteed to be found in every Jamaican social setting, no matter what it is. From church gatherings, to teenaged parties, Mannish Water is a household dish that is expected to be served where ever a large number of people are gathered.
Saturdays and soups go hand in hand in Jamaica. It is considered proper to have soup for dinner and lunch on Saturdays in Jamaica and one of the most popular and fulfilling soups to have on this is day is the infamous Mannish Water.

People in Jamaica revere Mannish Water in the same way that Americans do with milk. Jamaicans believe that Mannish Water has powers within it that make people strong and healthy and this belief is where the name of the soup came from. Women cooked the delicious soup and gave it to their men in order to make them more manly or "mannish", as people would say in Jamaica.