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"Cool, Cool Mandeville"

Mandeville was founded in 1816 and was one of the four hill stations that belonged to the English army that occupied Jamaica at the time. The town of Mandeville, with its ultra cool climate and orderliness was seen as a sort of sanctuary for the English folk that resided in Jamaica at the time because the city reminded them of England. Currently, Mandeville is still known as the coolest city in Jamaica -- weather wise. It is your average small town in that life there is not fast-paced and the population (less than 100,000 people) is incredibly small, especially when compared to other Jamaican cities. Mandeville is constructed of hills and valleys and its beauty can be found in its cool climate, calmness and serenity. Not many tourists can be found in Mandeville, but the ones that go there visit strictly for one thing: relaxation.

The town of Mandeville can be found in the Parish of Manchester, a mountainous parish a little over 2,000 feet in height. The climate is 70-75 degrees by day and 65-70 at night.

Mandeville has a 9-hole golf course that has become popular for the sport as well as for strolling and horseback riding.

Bamboo Avenue is a scenic spot outside of Mandeville worth exploring. It is found in Lacovia, as the road becomes lined with gigantic bamboo which grows overhead, resembling a vaulted ceiling of vegetation.

Lovers Leap is another amazingly beautiful spot. It is a monstrous cliff that overhangs the sea. The view is extremely breathtaking and visitors can have breakfast, lunch or dinner while taking in their surroundings. The story of how Lovers Leap came to be is an interesting one. It is said that before the emancipation of the slaves in Jamaica, there were two slave lovers that heard that they would soon be separated. The male slave was to be sold to another master, far away. The slaves decided that rather than be separated, they loved each other so much that they decided to die together and be together in heaven. The two then climbed up to the huge cliff, and threw themselves over and the cliff became known as "Lovers Leap."