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Kingston replaced Spanish Town as Jamaica's capital city in 1872 and at the time the city was moving rapidly towards being the retail boomtown that it is today. The irony of Kingston is that while the city flourishes business-wise, it is plagued by poverty and has been since Kingston became Jamaica's capital city. The "ghettos", "slums" and "shanty towns" of Kingston are the worst in the island and there is a thick and prominent line between the affluent in Kingston and the poor. Neighborhoods like Cherry Gardens are exactly like Beverly Hills in California, whereas areas like Tivoli Gardens are exactly like South Central L. A. with a disturbingly high level of crime and destitution.

Kingston isn't the capital of Jamaica for no reason. Kingston is the heart and hub of Jamaica, but it is not at all known for its peace and quiet. Instead, Kingston is Jamaica's most fast-paced city, with its population nearing one million. Kingston is the kind of city that would suit a person who enjoys being in the middle of a lot of action. Kingston has countless scrumptious Italian and Chinese restaurants that are extremely elegant, museums and several movie theaters. There are nearly an infinite number of businesses that can cater to any retail needs of a tourist. For the extreme party person, Kingston boasts Jamaica's best clubs such as Quad, a three-story club that is modeled after the top entertainment spots in South Beach, Florida.

Kingston has a number of wondrous attractions within it. One of them is The Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains are the highest mountains in Jamaica. The highest point, Blue Mountain Peak, is 7,388 feet high and there are other peaks over 5,000 feet high such as Sir John's Peak, at 6,100 feet and Catherine's Peak, at 5, 036 feet.
Another attraction worth seeing is the Royal Botanical Gardens on the outskirts of Kingston. The gardens are open everyday and have a zoo with animals and birds from all over the Caribbean and the America's located there.

Kingston also has a very lovely library and museum called The Institute of Jamaica. It is known as the cultural center of Jamaica and has an art gallery within with art by Jamaican artists.

Devon House is another scenic spot worth visiting in Kingston. What was once a haunted colonial mansion is now a museum, showplace and ice cream parlor.