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Ackee (pronounced ACK-ee) is Jamaica's national fruit. It is made up of clusters on a tree called the Evergreen Tree. Ackee trees are found all over Jamaica, but are mostly produced from trees in Clarendon and St.Elizabeth. There are two bearing seasons: from January through March and from June through August. It is imperative that the fruit only be consumed when it is ripe and it is also very important that Ackee be prepared carefully and only by someone with knowledge of how the fruit should be cooked. Ackee prepared badly can result in JVS, Jamaican Vomiting Syndrome. This results when people eat Ackee when it is unripe. However, there is nothing to fear because once ackee is prepared properly, it is one of the most delicious dishes a person can eat-- Jamaican or not.

Ackee is Jamaica's most popular breakfast food. It is eaten with a fish called Saltfish, which is a very heavily salted and dry fish that is sauteed in onions, tomatoes, peppers and a delicious sauce. Saltfish has many, tiny bones inside of it and Jamaicans recommend that people unfamiliar with eating the dish be very careful, as the bones have been known to go down people's throats causing severe discomfort and the bones have also been known to cause choking in children. Ackee is also served with a vegetable called Breadfruit that is fried and lightly salted.