About The Author

  Seantee' Campbell is a Journalism and Communications senior at the University of Florida, who hopes to graduate in May 2004. She considers herself to be somewhat of an expert on Jamaica and its tourism because she was born and raised on the island and has also stayed in several of the islands' best and not-so-great hotels since she was a little girl. She has also visited a large number of the recommended destination spots within this project and Seantee' has tasted nearly all of the foods that she mentioned in the "Fabulous Foods" section of this project. Seantee's purpose for doing a project on the topic of Jamaica's Tourism stems from two reasons: firstly, Jamaica is her favorite topic because of the islands' beauty and diversity and the country always makes for interesting research and discussions. Secondly, having lived in the United States for the last four years, Seantee' was able to listen and learn that many people have incorrect assumptions about Jamaica and the islands' people, so doing projects that can educate and set the record straight always makes her feel as if she is contributing to society in a positive way.