Jamaica's Tourism

  "Come to Jamaica"

When Christopher Columbus first sighted Jamaica on May 1494, he wrote that Jamaica was "the fairest island that eyes have beheld." With over one million tourists visiting the island every year, the figures suggest that Columbus may have been right.
Jamaica is 144 miles long and 49 miles at its widest point. It is the most populated of the countries that make up the Commonwealth Caribbean, with over 2 million people. The land of Jamaica is very versatile and that versatility is part of the reason why so many tourists from all over the world choose Jamaica as their vacation destination again and again. Jamaica's land can vary from massively tall mountains to pearl white beaches. The land goes from lush meadows to near-jungle environments. The land of Jamaica and the cities that are found within it are definitely part of the equation that entices tourists to visit the country. The other part of what convinces people to choose Jamaica is the delicious and exotic foods that come from the country. Jamaican cuisine has become so popular in the last few years, that Jamaican restaurants seem to be popping up in even the most remote towns and cities in America. A lot of people enjoy Jamaican cuisine because most Jamaicans are disgusted by foods that are processed or preserved and in turn practice "fresh cooking" with the most fresh foods and ingredients. Jamaican cuisine is also a wonderful combination of the many racial groups and cultures that make up what is known as Jamaican People. Foods and styles of cooking come from ancestors that arrived from Africa, East India, China and Europe.
Ultimately, Jamaica is one of the most appealing countries tourism-wise because of its geographic versatility and its delicious cuisine.