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There are tons of free things to do in Las Vegas--you just have to know where to find them. Some are hidden while others are directly on the street like the Bellagio Fountains and the Mirage Volcano.

The Bellagio Fountains

The fountains are one of the most amazing sites in Las Vegas, and best of all, they're free! The fountains are located to the left of the main doors (when facing the hotel front). They run every fifteen minutes and are programmed to play along to different songs such as "Luck Be a Lady" and "Proud to be an American." Each year the fountains are updated by canceling older shows and adding new ones.

Bellagio Fountains

The Bellagio Conservatory

The conservatory is one of the other most amazing sites in Las Vegas. It is located behind the hotel check-in desk at the Bellagio (go to the right and back when you enter through the casino). This room is filled with seasonal flowers, and I mean filled. The beautiful park-like scenery, pond with swan statues and the murals painted on the walls will have you in awe. This is a "must see" and well worth your time.

Bellagio Flowers Bellagio Flowers

The Mirage Volcano

While many say that the Mirage Volcano is a "must see," I won't lie to you--It's not as good as the fountains at the Bellagio. The volcano is located to the right of the main doors of the Mirage (when facing toward the hotel). It is a three-minute simulation of what happens when a real volcano actually erupts. It's hot, made up red, orange and yellow lights and runs every fifteen minutes (starting on the hour) as well. From personal experience, don't count on it being on time. A tip from the wise: Don't climb over the rod iron fence--it will trip the sensors, stop the show immediately and the people who have waited for thirty min tues for the show will not be too happy with you for making them wait another five minutes for the show to restart (no, it wasn't me).

Mirage Volcano

The Mirage Tiger Habitat

The tiger habitat is to your left as you enter through the main entrance at the Mirage. Here, one tiger per day is exhibited for visitors to watch. The exhibit opens at 10:30 a.m. and closes at 6:30 p.m. Both White Bengal Tigers and Siberian Tigers can be found here.

White Bengaled Tiger yawning at tiger habitat White Bengaled Tiger walking in tiger habitat.

The Flamingo Animal Habitat

The animal habitat is located in the back of the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, on the way to the pool. Here, you can find flamingos, penguins and a variety of birds. It isn't as easy to find as some other sites, but it is definitely worth your time to visit this exhibit.

The MGM Lions

The MGM Lions are located in the front of the hotel near the casino. The lions are changed out every four hours. They are exhibited in a six-inch-thick glass habitat where visitors can walk right under the lions sleeping on top of the glass walkway.

Sirens of TI

The Siren Show is located around the back of the Treasure Island Hotel and Casino. The props for this pirate show are amazing. While the show gets mixed reviews, it is still well worth your time to stop by and see the show. You really can't go wrong with a free show in Las Vegas!

Sirens of TI

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