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"In 1991, American voters rallied behind President George Bush for the seemingly bloodless confrontation with Saddam Hussein. Neatly hidden from a small army of journalists was the reality of war - a reality that can make those same voters recoil in disapproval."

These words, written by Patrick J. Sloyan for The Guardian, express some of the core issues of the ongoing debate between those who advocate complete and unfettered press coverage of U.S. combat and those who support press restrictions.

The debate centers on whether the constitutional freedom from censorship, granted to the press in the First Amendment, should be upheld, or if an exception should be made during times of war. There are many reasons why both sides feel the way they do.

This site is intended to provide those interested in researching the debate with links to Web sites, studies and articles related to both sides of the issue. Clicking on either "Link Guide" button will take you to a list of reviewed websites pertaining to both sides of the debate. The "Related Links" button will take you to a list of sites that are related to combat journalism, but don't necessarily discuss the argument.

To read more about the history of wartime journalism click on the "History" button.

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