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Feeling the pressure from fans, the BCS has formed a committee to discuss a proposal for creating a playoff system. The proposal identifies several existing problems in the current system, and problems that a potential playoff could have. The proposal has made a plan that eliminates most of these problems.

The problems the committee sees with the current system is that deserving teams are not given an equal chance to compete for the national title, non-conference teams like BYU are not given an equal chance to compete in a BCS bowl, and the need to maintain revenues. The committee feels that a long playoff would cause other problems including academic issues, increase risk of athletic injury, and decreased fan interest.

The proposal the committee came up with is a compromise between the current system and a playoff. The proposal would keep the current BCS system to rank the teams. The teams ranked in the top four would have a playoff with one playing four and two playing three. The playoff would be done using the current bowl system we have now with the first round being played at two of the major BCS bowls. After the bowl season is over, the two winners would face off in a different BCS bowl for the national title. All the other bowls would remain in the system and would be played just like they are today.

The Bowls considered to become BCS Bowls are the Outback Bowl, Citrus Bowl, Gator Bowl, Sun Bowl, Cotton Bowl, and Holiday Bowl.

The BCS bowls would add 2 other BCS bowl games. Both bowl sites would be located inthe south. One site would be in the east, and one would be in the west. The bowls would rotate each year like they do now giving the national championship a new home each year. Ten teams, including the four playoff teams will be given a BCS bowl bid. The bids will be determined similar to the way they are today.

This proposal eliminates many of the problems we have seen in the current system and potential problems with a longer playoff. The system would allow the best teams to compete for the national title. Any team not ranked in the top four at the end of the season should not have a true claim of being a champion. The added BCS games would give smaller conference and non-conference schools an opportunity to play in a BCS game. Rating and revenues are expected to grow and possibly even match the Super Bowl. The season will only be one or two weeks longer, not affecting academics or increasing the risk of injury to possible pro prospects.

This proposal seems to have a lot of support by the decision makers but don’t expect to see it anytime soon. The BCS contract with the bowls runs out in 2005 along with their $525 million dollar contract with ABC. The current proposal will probably not be considered until the current contracts have expired.


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