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Every college football system has a playoff except Div.1A. Many of the arguments against changing the current system to a playoff are centered around student athletes would have to deal with a longer season and possible having to play in two different semesters, causing a lot of problems including ineligibility issues.

This argument is easily attacked by looking at the system in place by Division 1AA. They play a full 16 team playoff and last year finished on Dec. 20, a week before Division 1A completed their bowls. Their system is quite simple if you win your conference you are in the playoff. There are eight conferences including Atlantic 10 Conference, Big Sky Conference, Gateway Collegiate Athletic Conference, Mid-Eastern Athletic Conference, Ohio Valley Conference, Patriot League, Southern Conference, and Southland Conference. The top rated team has home field advantage until the championship game, which is played at a neutral site. The tournament only takes four games to complete. This system is similar to the one used in every college football tournament. High school football has an even larger playoff than college. The top two teams in each district advance to a 32 team playoff.

These systems are easy for the fans to follow and understand, and they always produce a clear-cut champion. But for whatever reason these systems are not good enough for Division 1A

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