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Choosing to Wait

Two young women, both students at the University of Florida, explain the reasons why they plan to delay marriage.

Harriet Georgelos

| Harriet Georgelos





Emily Donelson

Emily Donelson




Harriet Georgelos
Age: 21
Major: Nutrition

Career is Harriet Georgelos' primary reason for wanting to delay marriage. "Although I believe you really can't control everything in life, realistically being premed and having to endure at least another four-six years of school and not knowing exactly where I am going to end up for residency,makes it a little difficult to settle down."

Another reason she plans to postpone marriage is because of her parents. Her mother was 35 when she married her father who was 45. It was the first marriage for both of them.

"The advantages I see include the fact that they knew who they were as individuals," she said. "Right now, we are still changing, we don't know exactly what we want in life or what characteristics we want in a spouse."

Being a doctor is something Georgelos has wanted to do since she was 3. Even though family is an important part of what she wants in her life (in the future), she would like to be independent and to be able to support her family.

"You never know the challenges that you will face in life. It is very important for me to have some stability," she says.

Besides facing unpredictable challenges, Georgelos worries that the pool of available men when she is ready to marry will be slim to none.

"I think that is my biggest fear- that most men will already be taken. But you know what, you just have to have a little faith that someone out there is looking for you."

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Emily Donelson
Age: 20
Major: Nursing

Getting married and having children was never at the top of Emily Donelson’s list of things to do. Even at the age of 7, when most children were playing house, she pretended to be a veterinarian and took care of her “sick” cats.

Now, as a sophomore at the University of Florida, Donelson has continued her passion for taking care of others as a nursing major.

And she can honestly say marriage isn’t in her near future." I really doubt that I will get married by the time that I am 30 because of my career," she says.

These are her reasons:

  • She graduates from UF at the age of just about 23, with my BSN (Nursing) and gets her RN.
  • She then plans on going to graduate school to get her Nurse Practitioner Degree (by then she will be about 26-27).
  • After graduate school, she plans to go into the Travel Nursing Program, where she'll travel around the world working for different hospitals.
  • Then she has a two-year commitment to the Peace Corps as a PC Medical Officer, where she will be in another country working to bring healthcare to people that cannot afford it. By the time she plans to return to the U.S., she'll be at least 30-31.

Donelson says she has always had a passion in life to want to help people "I have always wanted a career in the medical field, and it is a very hard career field to get into. It requires lots of dedication and higher education."

She says she does not think if it as putting her career before other things, but she thinks of it as wanting to make an impact on the world and finding out who she is before she settles down with one person.

But we can't all predict what can happen in the future, can we?

If Mr. Perfect were to come along Donelson would definitely change her decision to wait. "If he was Mr. Perfect he would understand how much my career and work in the Peace Corps means to me."

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