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I have been to Hawaii twice. The first time was a graduation trip with my friend in 2000, and the second time was with my mother and sister in 2001. My mother was unable to understand English at all, and it was her first time to visit the United Stated. She was worried about visiting Hawaii because of her English skills. As it turned out, she enjoyed the days in Hawaii more than my sister and I did. She said, “Hawaii is very similar to Japan in terms of atmosphere.” The trip to Hawaii inspired her to talk to the Hawaiian people, and to begin studying English through Japanese public radio.

Two and half years have passed since she started studying English. In March 2003, my mother came to Gainesville, Florida to visit me. I introduced her to my best American friend, a graduate student at the University of Florida. During a conversation, my mother could make herself understood in English to my friend. She became very happy and fond of the U.S.

According to the Department of Business, Economic, Development & Tourism (DBEDT), nearly 700,000 Japanese visited Hawaii in February, 2003. To the Japanese people, Hawaii is not only an attractive destination, but also Hawaii gives them opportunities to know about the United Stated just as it did for my mother. I believe that Kaiulani’s family dedicated their lives to preserve the Hawaiian culture. This legacy is continued by the tourist who still visits Hawaii. I am one of those tourists mentioned above. I’d like all tourists who go to Hawaii to remember Princess Kaiulani and her family. She is still the child of the Hawaiian sky and sea.

Pictures of the people

  The Hawaiian sky and sea.
Pictures of the people
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