Emo dress is characterized as distinctly non-fashionable, keeping with the movement's theme of showing little to no interest in all aspects of society. Emo individuals perceive themselves to be outcasts and dress accordingly so as to avoid any appearance of attempting conformity and falling short.

Girls tend to have short, dyed-black hair with the bangs cut straight across, usually done by the individual herself or by a friend, shunning the processed, rubber-stamped appearance of mainstream hairstyles. Jewelry, including facial and other body piercings, is quite common and is kept as natural as is possible -- wooden and hemp accessories are extremely popular, and are, again, often homemade. Clothes follow suit, ranging from thrift store finds to handsewn skirts and shirts, often comprised of multiple fabrics combined into one article of clothing. Vintage articles are trendy for members of the emo subculture, including 1970s-style shoes and jackets.

Emo boys often sport shaggy locks, although for males less emphasis is placed on dying the hair black. Men tend to wear too-small t-shirts and baggy pants, often with a studded black belt. The same preference for thrift goods applies, and jewelry still tends to be all-natural and as tight as is possible.

Girls and boys alike wear thick or horn-rimmed glasses and often carry backpacks or messenger bags littered with pins from assorted emo bands or bearing anti-establishment, pro-underground slogans. Emo dress tends to follow lines of nonconformity almost without exception, but individual styles may vary as long as they continue to emphasize secondhand goods or a general expression of indifference toward current fashion trends.

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