Features: The Meat of the Magazine

Magazines have the chance to showcase their best reporting in the feature well of their book. Features are longer articles, typically three or more pages in length.

Features differ from briefs, because the writer has the chance to use more words, get creative, while still showing the facts, and talk about subjects more important to the reader.

Here is a sample feature from Fitness magazine. This article gives step-by-step help, in fact nine steps, on how to excercise for life. Each of these steps gets about 100 or more words, that's almost half of a brief.

Another great thing about features is their ability to be graphically appealing. Art can become very dominant with some articles running two full pages of art or more.

Pull-out quotes are also useful when working with features. Not only do they break up text, they give the reader something to look at when deciding whether or not they would like to read the article.