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This is a sample cover I made with my group for Magazine Management class. In this section you will learn what makes a great cover -- Jenn

Logo: The logo of a magazine must represent the tone of the magazine, while being clear and concise. For our magazine, we chose the name OutFlaw. OutFlaw was a made up name we believed represented the woman this magazine was geared for, women not afraid to poke fun of themselves.

Coverlines: Coverlines are an important part of the magazine. Coverlines can make or break an issue of a magazine. Sex, celebrity and numbers are keywords that turn readers onto turn the pages of a magazine. We choose to make Naomi Watts prominent on our cover because of her celebrity.

Art: Like the logo, the art on the cover of a magazine must reflect the magazine's mission. We photographed Annie Dallas smothering her face with mustard, ketchup, avocados and peanut butter to show that woman are crazy and beautiful at the same time.

***Another important key to a great cover is timeliness. In Folio's March 1, 2003 issue in "Revising the Cover Story" by Sarah Grosner, Bonnie Fuller, editor of US Weekly said, "This cover came out around the same time as Justin's Cry Me a River video debuted--and the video was all about her. My readers needed to know this stuff, and we had the story behind it. The timing, together with a strong, clear statement and the idea of conflict, was a winner. We generated tremendous publicity with this cover. We were on all the local TV stations, and we managed to start a national debate. We had the story at exactly the right moment."

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