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Kurds Prisoner Beaten in Syria

In Syria, torture and ill-treatment is routinely inflicted on Syrian Kurdish political detainees while they are held incommunicado in prisons and detention centers. Authorities impose heavy restrictions on the production and circulation of Kurdish literature, including books and music. In the past, the Syrian authorities have arrested and detained Syrian Kurds without charge for their involvement in the organization of Kurdish cultural activities, including the Kurdish Nawruz (New Year) celebrations. This is one such story of an unjust imprisonment:

On December 10th 2002, the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Unity Party held a peaceful
demonstration with 200 participants before the National Assembly in Damascus. Hassan Saleh and Marwan 'Uthman presented a memorandum from the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Unity Party to the President of the National Assembly, Abdul Qadir Qadurah demanding greater protection for the rights of Kurds living in Syria. Members of the Syrian security forces searched both men's houses the following day. Hassan Saleh's son and Marwan 'Uthman's brother were taken from the houses and interrogated by members of the Syrian Security forces and released after five hours.

On December 15th, 2002, Hassan Saleh and Marwan 'Uthman both became prisoners of conscience. They were reportedly detained in Damascus following an invitation for a meeting by the Minister of the Interior, Major General 'Ali Hammud.

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