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Prisoners in China Held Incommunicado

There have been, for some time, reports emerging from China that prisoners are being held incommunicado at unknown locations where they are at risk of torture or ill-treatment. It is often known whether any charges have been brought against them. Families are also banned from seeing their relatives in prison and their phone lines have been cut in order to disrupt communication. Many of these detainees are prisoners of conscious that have dared to speak out against the PRC authorities. Since China became connected with the internet in 1994 scores of rules and regulations have been introduced, equipment confiscated, sites banned and internet cafes controlled and shut down throughout China. Since 1994, dozens of people have been detained for Internet-related "offences" in violation of fundamental human rights guaranteeing freedom of opinion and expression. Freedom of religious expression is also very stifled in China.

AI INDEX: ASA 17/017/2003 12 March 2003

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