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Issei Sagawa


Issei Sagawa is a very intelligent Japanese man. He is under 5 feet tall and walks with a limp. Many say that he has the voice of a girl.

Sagawa always thought of himself as unattractive. He was very self-conscious of his shortcomings.

As a child, Sagawa had a dream about he and his brother being boiled in a pot. They were to become someone's dinner. Ever since that dream, he has fantasized about cannibalism.

He envisioned himself eating a large blonde woman with white skin. He found Nordic women large and beautiful, representing all that he was not.

While in Japan, he crawled into the apartment window of a German girl who was teaching him her language. She woke up and screamed, causing him to run away. After that, he knew that he would have to plan is attack better.

Sagawa said that he felt he could show a woman love by eating her.

He actually went to a psychiatrist and confessed his cannibalistic desires. His father, who was wealthy, engineered a cover-up and sent his son to Paris.

In 1981, Sagawa was studying at the Censier Institute in Paris. It was there that he would find his victim.


Source: Court TV's Crime Library


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  • Sagawa is a Japanese man under 5 feet tall.
  • Thought of himself as unattractive
  • Dreamed about he and his brother being cooked for dinner
  • Fantasized about cannibalism
  • Desired Nordic women
  • Failed at an attempt to attack woman teaching him German
  • Thought he could show women his love by eating them
  • 1981- Studying at Censier Institute in Paris
  • Found victim
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