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Photo Gallery

Andrei Chikatilo:

Photos of Andrei Chikatilo Demonstrating His TechniquesAndrei Chikatilo was a Russian cannibal who was convicted of killing 52 people. Chikatilo delighted in both males and females. His quest for violence came during his teen-age years when he realized he could not achieve an erection without the presence of violence. He was introduced to cannibalism at an early age when his mother told him that she suspected his older brother had been kidnapped and eaten by neighbors. Chikatilo became a killing machine who was found guilty of 52 murders on Oct. 15, 1992. He had mutilated and eaten parts of most of his victims. The females were missing their uteruses and nipples and the males were missing their genitals and had their tongues bitten or sliced off. He was sentenced to death and was executed by one bullet to the back of the head on Feb. 14, 1994.


Issei Sagawa:

Issei Sagawa is a small and unattractive Japanese man who used to fantasize about eating women. He Photos of Sagawa's Victimwas particularly interested in Nordic women. He found these women large and beautiful, containing many of the qualities that he himself did not have. He thought he could demonstrate his love for a woman by eating her. His victim was Renee Hartevelt, a fellow student in Paris. He killed her and dissected her, eating various parts. He chopped up the remaining parts of her corpse and put them into suitcases that he had bought especially for this occasion. He then left the suitcases in a park. He was arrested in his apartment on June 13, 1981. He was declared incompetent to stand trial and was incarcerated in an asylum. Four years after he killed and ate Hartevelt, he was set free. Since his release, he has written four novels and many columns for tabloid magazines. He has also starred in several Japanese pornographic films.


Source of Photos: Nico Claux


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