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Albert Fish


Albert Fish was born on May 19, 1870 in Washington, D.C. In 1875, his father suddenly died. His mother put him in St. John's Orphanage.

Fish said that he was abused in the orphanage and watched other boys do bad things. He contributed his later behavior to what he experienced in the orphanage.

Fish got married at age 26 to a 19-year-old. They had six children together before she ran off with another man. She took all of the furniture and their belongings, but left the children behind with their father.

After his first wife ran off, he married three times. However, none of them were legitimate marriages because he had never actually divorced his first wife.

Fish had developed a desire for masochism. He took balls of cotton, soaked them in alcohol, and then set them on fire in his anus. He also hit himself with a nail-studded paddle.

Perhaps his most harmful masochistic activity was when he would put needles into his body. He placed these between his rectum and his scrotum. At first, he would remove them, but then he started pushing them in so deep that he could not get them out. An X-Ray showed that he had 29 needles in his pelvic region.

At 55, Fish began to experience delusions and hallucinations. He said that he believed God had ordered him to torment and castrate little boys. Doctors said he suffered from a religious psychosis.

His bizarre mental state led him to kill 15 children and mutilate about 100 others.


Source: Court TV's Crime Library


Albert Fish:
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  • Born on May 19, 1870
  • Put in orphanage at age 5
  • Abused in orphanage- Fish claimed this led to later behavior
  • Age 26-Married
  • Wife left with other man- left six kids behind
  • Desire for masochism
  • Needles in rectum, fiery cotton balls in anus, needle-studded paddle
  • Age 55- Delusions and hallucinations
  • Said God ordered him to castrate young boys
  • Religious psychosis
  • Killed 15 children and mutilated about 100 others
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