How The Sunshine Laws Effect Things


The Florida Sunshine Laws have had a considerable affect on things. One of the more prominent issues it affects is public elections. When a candidate decides to run for public office, they are given a handbook that contains all of the information about the Florida Sunshine Laws. They are required to read and know these laws before they can become a public official. One of the main things that candidates have to comply with is the financial aspect. The sunshine law has required that the candidates finance reports be a matter of public record. This means that anyone wondering how much money a candidate raised and what they spent it on can go down to the supervisor of elections office and merely request to see these records.

In recent years, Alachua County has switched to an online report. Candidates are now required to fill out the forms online, print them out or save it to a disk and turn it in that way. This makes it a little easier for the Supervisor of Elections to transfer all of the files to their database and in turn makes accessing these files easier and faster. This is also required of all political action committees and political parties. This makes it a little difficult for the candidates because they are allowed to talk about everything before the election, but once in office they are no longer allowed to discuss things off the record.

The Sunshine Laws also affect things such as arrest records. Once a person is arrested, that becomes a public record. Anyone is allowed to view the arrest report. Some counties have even taken this so far as to put recent arrests on their web pages. For example, Alachua County posts photos of those who are arrested for prostitution and solicitation of prostitution. They are hoping that these tactics will help to deter others.