Reasons for War


Preparing for War







The War with Iraq is not only affecting the troops overseas, but the American citizens as well. Much of America supports the war. Reid J. Epstein, from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, said the economy is having an effect due to the war. However, Epstein said that many people's daily routines go-on unchanged.

Epstein said, “Though Americans care about events in Iraq and hope for a short war with few casualties, they may not be as transfixed by the latest developments as they have been in the past.”

With many events happening daily in Iraq, many Americans use television as a source of new information. Tara Parker-Pope, from The Wall Street Journal, said although the television is providing information, it is affecting people's health.

Parker said, "Some researchers believe that the stress triggered by disturbing television images actually is more harmful than the t ype of stress we face on the job."

Parker said that Americans watch television constantly, especially when children are around.

"The biggest mistake parents make is assuming young children aren't paying attention to war coverage," she said.

Parker said Americans should think about how they feel. Then, if they feels stressed or anxious, they should think about how long they have been thinking about the war.

Other residents are reacting to the War with Iraq by expressing their concern and anger. Some may forget the fact that although we are at war with Asia, many Muslims live in America. Muslims have begun to express their feelings through protests, along with American citizens.

Also, according to Vidushi Sinha, from MSNBC, Muslims in America look to other sources for coverage of the war, because they do not trust America’s media. Sinha said Muslim students watch television and pass new information quickly to relatives and friends in America and other countries.

Whether American or Muslim, people in America are aware of the threat of terrorism. Melanie Wilkinson and Jackie Weiss, from MSNBC, wrote an article “Local authorities ask residents to be alert during terrorism threat.” The article explained a crisis management plan. The plan for America includes the National Broadcasting System, planning ahead and a plan specifically designed for schools. The school strategies are reviewed each year. Depending on the situation, the plan comprises of keeping staff and students inside the building, locking windows and doors, calling 911, as well as preparing evacuation routines.

Not only do Americans need to think about their safety, but they should also think about the safety of the troops overseas. Different programs have been created in order to send packages and mail to loved-ones. According to an article from Army News Service in Washington, rules are being strictly enforced. Packages are not to be sent to just any soldier, but specifically addressed. The letter or package should include the information given by the soldier so that he or she will not reveal the location of the troops. Also, the article said a package length cannot exceed 48 inches. Packages that seem suspicious will be checked, in order to protect the soldiers.

Throughout America, flags and yellow ribbons can be seen. According to Gerald E. Parsons, a folklorist librarian, the tradition of tying a yellow ribbon around an oak tree can be possibly dated back to the Civil War. Other might feel the tradition began years later. Various artists have sung about yellow ribbon, including John Wayne. Many can remember in 1991, during the Gulf War , many Americans displayed yellow ribbons. However one thing is certain, today the yellow ribbon symbolizes how America wants troops in Iraq to return home safely.