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An older picture of the pharmacy from about the 60's or 70's

The pharmacy originated in 1884 as the Manatee Drug Company after being purchased for 600 dollars by Enos Johnson. The store was located on Manatee Avenue (which is one of the main roads in Manatee) right in the center of town. Mr Johnson's daughter was married to John James Pelot. In 1897, Mr Johnson sold the pharmacy to Dr. John C. Pelot.

In 1899, John James Pelot graduated from the Florida Agriculture College in Lake City, and took over the drug company. He ran the business until 1955 when his son John Crews Pelot took over after taking correspondence courses from Philadelphia College of Pharmacy. He then took his Pharmacy exam in Georgia to get his license, but also, had to get his license again in Florida. John Crews managed the store and was part owner along with his three sisters, Mary Pelot, Julia Colket, and Lillian Floyd. Ms. Pelot helped run the register and Mrs. Floyd kept the books, while Mrs. Colket lived out of state.

In 1972, the business was sold to John Crews Pelot's son, Robert Pelot. Robert graduated from the University of Florida in 1971 with his degree in Pharmacy. He is still in business today, with hopes that one day, his daughter Sara Pelot will take over the business as the first woman to own and manage the pharmacy.

Along with the pharmacy, there was also a fountain, in the old days, this was also a soda/ice cream shop. This inside the store and was put in around the same time. In 1939, the store moved across the street from 902 Manatee Ave E, to 831 Manatee Ave E. This is where is it located today.

In 1972, Robert took the fountain out of the pharmacy and made a place for it next door, where it is now called Pelot's Coffee Shop.

This is a more recent picture of the pharmacy.