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History of the Pelot Family

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Before the move to Manatee: Colonel John Cooper Pelot was a native of Glynn County, Georgia. He was active in business and politics and served in the Florida Indian War of 1836. He was the son of John James Pelot and a descendant of Francis Pelot, who immigrated to Puryburg, South Carolina from La Neuveville, Switzerland. Col. Pelot was married to Sara Ann Crews.

The move to Manatee: John Crews Pelot M.D. was one of the sons of Col. John Cooper and Sara Ann Crews. He grew up on his father's plantation in Columbia County, Florida. He eventually graduated from Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1858. He was married to Mary Elizabeth Cooper and practiced medicine in Alachua County. In 1862, he joined the Confederate Army and was soon appointed the assistant surgeon. The army stationed Dr. Pelot at the Andersonville Prison, as soon as it was established.

Dr. Pelot and Mary Cooper Pelot were the first Pelot's to migrate to Manatee County in 1865. They couple had three children, Josiah Crews, who died in infancy, Charles E., and John James. Mary Cooper died in 1873 just a few hours after giving birth to John James. Dr. Pelot remarried in 1879 to Katie Gates. Charles left Manatee and became an attorney in Jacksonville, where he resided.

John James Pelot, however, resided in Manatee. In 1894, John James graduated from Florida Agriculture College at Lake City in 1894 and obtained his pharmacy license in 1898. Him and his father then purchased the Manatee Drug Company from Enos Johnson. A year later, he married Mary Alpaline Johnson at Manatee Methodist Church. John James was elected Mayor of Manatee County on the same day his first son, John Crews was born, June 1, 1902. He had 4 other kids including, Francis Cooper, Julia Beatrice, Mary Elizabeth, and Lillian Catherine.

Francis Cooper married Blanche Eleanor Lewis in 1927. They had one daughter, Peggy Joan. He moved all around until finally settling in Winter Haven, Florida where he died in 1983.

Julia Beatrice married Meredith Bright Colket Jr.in 1917. They had 3 sons, William Currie, Meredith Bright III, and John Pelot. The family resided in Washington D.C. Julia died in 1995

Mary Elizabeth never married. She worked in the family pharmacy for most of her life, but retired about 5 years ago. She is still alive today and is living with her brother John Crews in Manatee County.

Lillian Catherine was married to Joe Floyd in 1940. They had one daughter, Mary Carolyn. Lillian and her family resided in Manatee County where she worked in the family pharmacy as the bookkeeper. She died just a little over a year ago in 2002.

John Crews, the oldest son, married Eula Virginia Jones in 1925 and they had one son, John Allen. They divorced sometime after that and John Crews married Helen White Askew in 1937. They had 4 children, Kent Barry, Elaine Celeste, Robert Lawrence and Mary Helen. The family resided in Manatee where John Crews managed the family pharmacy. Although his wife, Helen, passed away in 2000, John Crews is still alive today, living with his sister in Manatee Coutny.

Only three of John Crew's children reside in Manatee. Kent married Sarah Sophia Bamford and resides in Washington D.C. They have two children Lara Sophia and Devin Bamford.

Elaine Celeste moved to Australia after she met and married Dr. Peter Kitchener, which is her second husband. She has two children from her first husband, Kimberly Jill and Robert Christopher. Dr. Kitchener had two children, Gabrielle Regina and Michael Leonard. The couple had two children of their own, Rachel Birgit and Sarah Babette.

John Allen married Josephine Hensley, and they currently reside in Terra Ceia, Florida, which is a part of Manatee. They have 4 children David, who died shortly after birth, John Allen Jr., Charles Edward Kelly, and Joanna Jane Michelle.

Mary Helen married Richard Kemode, and they reside in Terra Ceia, Florida. They have three children, William Brett, Robert Hilding and Bridgette Elaine.

Robert Pelot married Donna Furman and they reside in Bradenton, Fl, which is apart of Manatee. They have 5 children, Amy Lynn, Sara Elaine, Jessica Anne, Erin Patricia and Robert Crews. Robert took over the family pharmacy and is still the current owner.