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Characters are one of the five things that draw readers to Harry Potter. The dynamic characters of Harry Potter have grown, evolved and expanded by the fourth book.

Hermione has begun to learn to relax, have fun and become more daring when searching for answers to the countless mysteries the friends encounter.¹

Harry has begun to learn to deal with his fame at Hogwarts and the situations it puts him in.

When Rowling was asked why there was so much character development and expansion in the fourth book, she said,

"Well in book four, for me, Harry, Ron and Hermione, all of them, are really starting to find their own identities and that means, in their various ways, facing up to the things that have been imposed on them by their parents or school."

Children relate to the natural flow of the character progression as the readers themselves define their own identities.

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¹ BBC: Harry Potter: JK Rowling Interview


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