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Sept. 11




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What is E-philanthropy?

E-philanthropy is a relatively new type of fundraising and donation techniques for nonprofit organizations. While most people believe that it is solely about raising money online, it is actually a much more in-depth practice that also includes a host of relationship and community building efforts that benefit the organization (Hart, 2002.)

E-philanthropy helps nonprofit organizations maximize their use of the Internet to help further their organization’s mission statement. Unlike traditional philanthropic efforts, organizations can use the effectiveness and the efficiency of the Internet fully integrated with traditional fundraising methods (Hart, 2002.)

What are the benefits of E-philanthropy?

The largest benefit that e-philanthropy has to offer is its ability to reach a large audience effectively, efficiently and cost-effectively. According to the E-Philanthropy Review, the number one reason why people do not donate to nonprofit organizations is because they were never asked (Hart, 2002.)

The Internet is the fastest growing means of communication in history, making it the most effective way to communicate and transfer information to potential donors. In order to raise money from current supporters and increase the number of potential donors, you must implement a communication strategy that utilizes the latest technology. E-philanthropy is the best way to do this.

E-philanthropy is also extremely beneficial to nonprofit organizations because it helps them to communicate with both current and potential donors by helping them build mutually beneficial relationships. The more familiar a person is with an organization, the more apt they are to trust that organization.

It is this trust that helps build relationships based on respect and interest for the organization. Using the Internet helps organizations to “enhance these relationships, provide meaningful stewardship to past support, improve donor satisfaction and to, therefore, raise money (Hart, 2002.)

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