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What the locals do-Young Adults

Here you will be able to see what there is to do if you are young but not quite a kid. The island offers many different activites for the night life of people in there mid 20's and 30's. Read on and hanve fun.

Teens and Young 20's
Young Adults-20's and 30's

All Ages

Map of Curacao
Hilton Marriott Holiday Beach Resort The Living Room Mambo Beach Bowling Alley Young Adults-20's and 30's

The Living Room
An indoor night spot located in Salina. The age group is a variation of young 20's to older 30's. The atmosphere is an Upscale European/Middle eastern feel with a DJ and live music played by local bands.

In the mood to win some big cash? Well guess what, there no gambling restrictions on this island. The majority of the major Casino's are located at well known hotels, such as:

The Marriott
The Hilton
The Holiday Beach Resort

Vacation and Holiday periods
There are many events that are especially designed for people on vacation and students who are visiting. These events tend to be organized in a similar fashion to carnivals and parades but with a tropical feel. Entailed is a little bit of Caribbean and Popular music and of course, for the most part, a beautiful entrance fee.




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