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What the locals do-Teens and Young 20's
As we all know, teenagers tend hang out in different places than the rest of us. Here you will have the opportunity to see where some of the island teenage and young adults spend there liesure time. Whether it be for yourself, kids or friends, it's always good to know a little about where your gonna be going.

Teens and Young 20's
Young Adults-20's and 30's

All Ages

Map of Curacao
Hilton Marriott Holiday Beach Resort The Living Room Mambo Beach Bowling Alley

Teens and Young 20's

Mambo Beach
Imagine a Night club located on the beach. No roof, No air conditioning, just the breeze from the ocean and the music from the islands. The atmosphere is relaxed and laid back. The customers tend to be between 15-26. Young teens, don't get to excited, the drinking age tends to not be strictly enforced on the island, so be safe and have fun!





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