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Currency Exchange
Now your on the island, Got your baggage and are ready to go to your hotel. You call a cab and ask yourself, "Will they except the U.S. Dollar?" or whatever other currency you may have. Below you will find several different sections pertaining to the area, such as:

Currency most widely excepted
Where to exchange your money
Currency exchange Rate
Background Information-Main Industries

Currency most widely excepted
The currency the dutch use is the Guilder. It is excepted anywhere on the island without any trouble. If, perhaps, you do not have any Guilders on hand, as many of you do not, do not worry. The American Dollar is the next most widely excepted currency on the island. If, perhaps, you have an alternative currency there are many locations in which to exchange your currency for the Guilder.

Where to exchange your money
There are several locations on the island that you may decide to exchange your currency for the Guilder. They are as follows:

Commercial Banks
Retail Stores

However, you may want to be careful about exchanging your money at the airport, as they may charge you more so than commercial banks and retail stores.

Currency exchange rate
As most of you may know, 1 Guilder is not equal to 1 U.S. Dollar or any other type of currency. With this in mind, you might want to check to see how much your currency is actually worth on the island.

The Currency Exchange Rate is forever changing as does the economy of every nation. It is extremely important to find out the current rate of exchange for your currency when planning your budget for your vacation or for any other matters.

Background Information-Main Industries
Some may want to know what the main economic industries are on the island. Tourism is probably the most profitable industry as well as most well known. However, Curacao has an Oil Refinery that produces massive amounts of income for the island and provides many jobs.

Ship repair is another of Curacao's unique offerings that produce an economic return. In the are, Curacao has one of the largest most sophisticated dry dock repair operations. The International financial center is another of its top five producing industries and give Curacao a place in the business spectrum of the global environment.







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