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How to get a tan-The Not So Nice
Every place has it's own unique environment and it's own atmosphere. Whether or not it serves as a pleasant place to be is another story. Listed below are several locations that might not be one of the top places to visit on the island. So read on and find out where NOT to go.

The not so nice
The younger crowd

Map of Curacao
Groot Knip Cas Aboa Hilton Marriott Spanish Waters Sea Aquarium


The Sea Aquarium-
On the ocean at the Sea Aquarium If your looking for that romantic and enchanted vacation that will swoop her off her feet and make her heart yours while her eyes water with tears of happiness-DON’T take her here! The men on the island may find this location a bit more appeasing. The atmosphere tends to lend itself to those who enjoy sun getting a full body tan. Teenage boys dream about spending the day with the view they will get. Basically, it’s not on the top of the list if your with a girlfriend, family or just not interested in nude beaches.

Spanish Waters-
This would be the ideal location for People who like to go sailing. The water is crystal clear and not to rough. The location and atmosphere is not one in which you would want to spend the day with your family but satisfies the sailors. Raunchy would be the best way to describe the atmosphere.




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