Psychological advantages of the Internet

Psychological disadvantages of the Internet

Psychology on the Internet






The Psychology of Cyberspace is an extremely informative and extensive site regarding psychology and the Internet. The site thoroughly covers each topic mentioned in this site along with so many others (disinhibition effect and online psychotherapy and clinical work). Although he does a lot of empirical research, the author, John Suler, Ph.D., includes subjective information in his articles.

"Internet Paradox: A Social Technology That Reduces Social Involvement and Psychological Well-Being?"
American Psychologist
This longitudinal study, which was conducted at Carnegie Mellon University, is a topic of much discussion in articles throughout the web. Although the actual study found mostly disadvantages as a result of the internet, the authors present both sides of the issue well in the introduction.

An article posted in Science Daily analyzes the Carnegie Mellon study and proposes new ideas regarding the results.

"The Internet's Effect on Relationships: Detrimental or Beneficial?" gives a good analysis of internet communication and relationships. It presents both sides objectively, for the most part and covers many factors.

"How will the Internet affect your Clients?," by Larry D. Rosen, Ph.D. is a good overview article of the effects of the Internet. It gives basic statistics, reviews of research articles as well as advice for optimizing the use of the Internet.

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