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Over the past decade, a trend in online therapy has emerged. That’s right, getting psychological advice is now possible via the Internet. Controversy arises over the fact that many elements necessary for therapy are missing with a loss of face-to-face interaction.

According to John Suler, Ph.D., author of The Psychology of Cyberspace, the main advantage of online therapy, as opposed to traditional therapy in an office setting, is that it draws different types of people that wouldn’t normally see a therapist in person. Another plus of online therapy is that people are more likely to open up and be honest because the interaction is somewhat anonymous.

The future of online therapy in unknown; however, it is unlikely that the Internet will ever replace traditional therapy. Most people still prefer to talk to somebody in person because of the important non-verbal cues that the Internet cannot relay. Many times it is the non-verbal cues that do the talking in psychological therapy.

Online Therapy Sites

ELIZA is a British interactive therapy program that is mainly helpful for standard problems.

Metanoia is has a great directory of online therapy categories.

E-therapy private practices - individual therapists who work with you in an ongoing series of in-depth e-mail or chat sessions.

E-therapy clinics - large sites where many therapists are available, and offering a variety of features.

Mental health advice - individual therapists who answer a one-time inquiry about any mental-health related topic or concern.

Specialists - therapists who specialize in a particular topic.

Self-Help Therapy

There is now a plethora of self-help information available on the web. Often times, people don’t necessarily need a therapist, but just want to research something they are going through or want more information on a problem they are having. For this reason, there are self-help and self-assessment sites on almost any psychological topic imaginable. These types of sites have heightened people’s awareness about themselves and psychological wellbeing in general.

Self-Help Sites

Mental Health Info Source - a site where you can search topics, read other people's problems and advice and post your own input.

Self Growth - provides articles, directories, online therapy, and information on any topic related to self improvement. This site is not limited to psychology.

Soul's Self-Help - contains general self-help information, but focuses on specific conditions such as dissociation and sexual abuse.

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