Letters to the World

Perhaps when we realize that we have absolutely no idea what our parents have done, what they have lived through, what has shaped them as a person, then we can start to grow. Before starting this project I hadn't an inkling of what my father went through in Vietnam when he was young, younger than I am now. This made me think because I, as most other young people, had a hard time understanding my parents. It was because I didn't know anything, I still don't. But I want to find out.

Being able to read one of the letters he wrote home, and seeing that he wanted to write a book about his experiences struck me. You see, he had mentioned that perhaps I should write a book about him (me being his daughter, who professed to love to write, and majored in journalism). But I had pretty much blown it off. Now I'd really like to; so I'll have to apologize and repent about that.

This site is just for that reason; the beginnings of the book I'll write; we'll write. The title will be the same as this site's, "Letters to the World: One Black Man's Experience in Vietnam," and I'll be happy to write it, and to learn more about my mother too.


I'm growing y'all......




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