The Football Game

    The second day of Down and Dirty is composed of a six on six flag football tournament. There are two brackets, a winners bracket and a losers bracket. If the team looses twice or looses the second game, the team is taken out of the competition. The games are ten-minute halves with a five-minute half time. The ladies of Pi Beta Phi are the team coaches. Each team whether if they are a fraternity, sorority, or an independent team has at least 5 coaches to help them out. The coaches are there to make sure that everything is running smoothly, provide food and drinks, and to be the cheering squad. Any football game is not complete until the entire crowd is involved with the game.

One of the teams participating in Down and Dirty

    The tournament lasts all day. Between games there are prizes given away and free food provided. The teams are given at least an hour between games if not more. In planning the event, everyone must be kept entertained. Every minute has to be mapped out so that the event attracts as many people from year to year as possible. Stragetic planning of events is the best possible way to outline the chain of events. As a planner knowing what is going on at any given moment can prevent disaster for happening. The worst possible feeling is being unprepared for a predictable situation.

football in action
An action shot of one of the games

    Each year there are improvements made to keep the event growing in participation. This year Pi Beta Phi added the losers bracket in order to keep the motivation of the teams wanting to win overall. Another recent addition is the raffle drawing during the football competition. This way people who attend the event are motivated to stay to win a prize and keep cheering on who is left in the tournament. In then end everyone is left happy knowing that they participated in a charitable cause.

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