The Cause

    Pi Beta Phi was founded on high morals. Morals that are wanted to be shared a spread throughout the country. Literacy has always been an issue in any decade or part of the country. Pi Beta Phi started the Links to Literacy philanthropy in 1990. Links to Literacy was implemented to created a personal service project for the Pi Beta Phi organization as a total. Pi Beta Phi sororities throughout North America can all band together for the single cause. Together in number the organization can make a difference in a person's life by giving them the give of literacy


    The Florida Delta Chapter at the University of Florida feels strongly about their cause enough to keep building Down and Dirty bigger and bigger each year. Literacy is a problem in Gainesville just as it is anywhere else. Many sisters volunteer at local school help promote the cause. Each semester, as well as in Down and Dirty, Pi Beta Phi at sponsors a book drive throughout UF. The sorority distributes the collected books to the local library and schools. The total of books collected totaled approximately 250 books.

Here are some literacy information

   In 1998, the literacy rate in Perth Amboy was 41 percent for adults and 35 percent in Jersey City. The city with the highest adult illiteracy rate is Miami, Fl with 63 percent. Nationally, the illiteracy rate is about 22 percent at the time. Just the figures alone should tell that something needs to happen. Literacy should be the first thing a person is taught when they are young not the last thing that a person learns. If a person is not literate, they cannot perform simple day to day duties such as fill out a bank slip, read a bus schedule or even read to a small child. Literacy can be defined as having the ability to read write and do math.

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