Event Planning

    Event planning is organizing in detail a particular party, meeting, social occasion, or special event. Many thoughts and details are paid close attention to while preparing such an occasion. In this site, Event Planning: Down and Dirty, explains what went on during this successful philanthropic event. It shows how much effort went into detail and how it paid off. For Down and Dirty to become a success many efforts of the sisters and many years of trial and error came into play. No event is a success overnight. Time and patience is needed by everyone invovled for the event come off without a hitch!


    Down and Dirty is a flag football tournament and tailgate barbecue put on every year by Pi Beta Phi Sorority. It is one of the largest Greek philanthropies at the University of Florida. For the year 2003, Down and Dirty raised over $3,000 for their charity Links to Literacy. Pi Beta Phi was also the first Greek letter organization to sponsor a philanthropy.

The Charity

    Links to Literacy is Pi Beta Phi's own organization. It is run by Pi Beta Phi sorority alone. Each of the chapters of Pi Beta Phi raised money through various events to keep the philanthropy going throuhout the years. Pi Beta Phi is one of the few organizaitons to personally have their own charity run by their oraginzation.

football in action
Down and Dirty Football Tournament

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