The First Event

    One the first day of Down and Dirty, Pi Beta Phi hosts a barbecue at their sorority house. At the event, their cook staff prepared hamburgers, hotdogs, cookies, chips, and various salads to be served. The barbecue took place from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. This gave a enough time for guests to come and go as they please during a reasonable time frame. There is nothing worse then to be rushed. Pi Beta Phi wanted to have enough time to have a games played, raffles drawn, live music preformed and for socialization to take place. . There were tables set out in various regions of the yard in efforts to promote socialization between people of various organizations.

Pi Beta Phi sisters getting ready to entertain at the barbecue

    Michael J, a Gainesville artist, was invited to perform. Other local celebrities like athletes from the University of Florida's athletic teams and UF professors. Inviting people who are of a well-known status is a key attraction to bring in a crowd at any event. People like to be around or even catch a glimpse of someone who they admire. It also looks good on the organization that brought the figure to the event. The organization took the time and effort to bring in a celebrity. Pi Beta Phi knew that a football star would be a great addition to a philanthropy event that is based on a football tournament.

Enjoying food
Pi Phi's and guests enjoying the barbecue

    This past year, 2003, was the second year that Pi Beta Phi hosted the pre-game barbecue. The barbecue showed a great success in attracting over 150 people in 2003 and in the first year 2002. The barbecue was used as a pep rally for the football games the next day. What better way to kick-off a football game then with a barbecue tailgate party? Linking activities together that go with one another is a way to expand an event. Most philanthorpies have one major event and a secondary event also.

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