The Tampa website is a joint venture between the Tampa Tribune and WFLA-TV. It is regarded as one of the few fully converged media organizations in the country. In addition to sharing stories, the website, newspaper and television station cooperate in advertising sales and extensive cross marketing. The three organizations even share the same four-story building in downtown Tampa. In response to declining viewer ship and circulation, the television station and newspaper decided to join forces in the late '90s. Today, they maintain three different news staffs because of FCC regulations, but each part works together. The organization plans to further consolidate once the FCC makes the expected changes to its cross-ownership policy.


The Oklahoma City newspaper, The Daily Oklahoman and KWTV, the local CBS affiliate, launched the website in August 2001. The partnership augmented The Daily Oklahoman's existing website, allowing the production of video segments in addition to the print content. Like most converged organization, NewsOK has combined many of its advertising efforts, which has resulted in higher revenues. Both organizations have increased their audiences since they converged. The NewsOK site averages almost 50,000 more hits per day than the previous combined totals of the organizations' separate websites.


The Lawrence (Kan.) Journal-World newspaper added 6News Lawrence to its existing online operation in 2001. This converged organization is a little different from most because 6News Lawrence is a cable station, which under FCC regulations, can be wholly owned by a newspaper. Studies have shown that nine-out-of-10 people in the Lawrence area get their news from either the World Company's cable station, newspaper, or website. An unusual feature of the site is complete local sports coverage. It even has stats and profiles for all the area's high school football players.


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