This guy got kicked out of a bar we were in during Bike Week.  I guess he passed out.  That's my brother in the background

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Motorcycles, and those who ride motorcycles, have always been associated with a bad image in society. Since the early 60's, movies like "Hell's Angels on Wheels" and "Easyrider" have helped to project a stereotype of bikers. Tattoos,leather,drugs and biker gangs are not all there is to know about motorcycle culture. To really understand the culture you have to live it. Being a rider myself, I have experienced firsthand the lifestyles of those who ride. Hollywood has used the biker image for profit. Believe it or not, there are people who ride bikes and actually have jobs and don't commit crimes. I grew up in a family who are all educated and almost all ride motorcycles. I'm not trying to say that biker gangs and outlaws don't exist. I'm just saying don't believe everything you here or see on television. I think Marlin Brando ruined it for bikers. "The Wild One" set the tone for the bad boy image. Not to criticize his (Brando's) acting ability, Because he played the role to a "T", I just think he played it to well.What people need to understand is the extreme responsibility riders have to their hobbies and lifestyle. Motorcycles are notorious for breaking down. Think about it. when a bike goes by you hear the pipes blasting out exhaust. Motorcycles vibrate like crazy. With the vibration come loose bolts, screws and sometimes blown engines. What I'm getting at is that parts are not cheap. You can't just roam the country with no job. It just doesn't work. The riders I have encountered are hard working honest people. The image of the bad boy exists, but few are the real deal. The term weekend warrior is more fitting. People who work a 40-hour week and ride on the weekend. Those who save up all year to go to gatherings like Sturgis in North Dakota or Bike Week in Daytona. This is vacation to those people. Riding motorcycles, Meeting friends with the same passions and if only for a weekend, living the life of a biker. If you want to see someone who lives the lifestyle, and makes a whole lot of cash doing it check out West Coast Choppers Jesse James, who is a direct descendent of the outlaw, Has made himself a pretty good living fabricating one of a kind motorcycles by hand.
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