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How safe is your network?

Virtually every university in the country has adopted an online network for the students and staff of the university to communicate, update and maintain information about the student or staff member. With the University of Florida’s Integrated Student Information System (ISIS), students manage their personal information, such as finances and registering for classes.

UF identifies the student with the information recorded on the system. If there were a breach in security, if a virus infected the network or if a person hacked into a student’s information, a potential calamity could arise.

Because the information is so important, universities like UF take great steps in order to ensure security. Most universities employ a login name and password to access the student or faculty’s account. The network also uses firewalls and virus scans to further ensure the security of the network and facilitates the experiences of the user.

However, the use of user names and passwords are not foolproof. On this Web site, I hope to inform about the need for security, the potential for security breaches, and how universities like UF secure their network for the students and staff who use it.

Leah is just a normal student who accesses her personal account on the university network on a regular basis.





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By: Patrick Lombard
MMC 3260 Semester Project