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It was once believed that diamonds held magical and medicinal properties. The stone emulated power, wealth, luck and love. These rare and beautiful gems have grown from symbols of strength, when they were worn by great Kings in battle to how we see them today, as symbols of love and eternity. There is no doubt that the stone holds extraordinary powers...aybe this is why they have been sought after for years and years.

The concept of trading globally is not a new one to the diamond industry. For years, families would send their sons out to network with neighboring towns and countries in order to build connections and relationships. What these pioneers did hundreds of years ago, set the trend for what is going on today. Now, the diamond trade industry is world-renowned with major bourses and companies and almost every single continent.

This site is dedicated to all that we love about these fabulous gemstones: beauty, rarity, history and best of all...the money.

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