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What is a Diamond Bourse?

A Bourse, or an Exchange is an international meeting place where both buyers and sellers of diamonds meet to trade. Each Bourse is governed by the rules and guidelines that they set for themselves. Rough and polished diamonds of all shapes and sizes are traded amongst members of each Bourse. Access to the trading is given only to the members of the Bourse and members of foreign bourses. Buyers may be allowed to enter, pending that they are accompanied by a member of that particular Bourse. Each bourse has its own infrastructure, constitution, by-laws and requirements for membership, making each one unique in itself.

Where are these Bourses?

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses is based in Antwerp. There are currently 20 bourses worldwide. Those affiliated with the WFDB include Israel, Antwerp, Johannesburg, New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Idar-Oberstein, Paris, Vienna, London, Amsterdam, Singapore and Bangkok.

Where do diamonds come from?

Before diamonds become centerpieces for rings, brooches and other pieces of jewelry, they are not the pretty, shiny gemstones that we are accustomed to seeing. Each diamond is mined in one of the four continents that across the globe. The rough diamonds are then sent to London, where they are sorted into more than 5,000 categories. Once the rough is assorted, they are shipped off to cutting centers and dealers in Antwerp. Approximately 85% of the total rough diamond trade takes place in Antwerp.

Where are the centers located?

Diamonds are manufactured throughout the world, but some of the major centers are located in Israel, India, Belgium and New York. Polishing and cutting of the rough diamonds may also be done in Botswana, Russia, South Africa, Sri Lanka, China, Thailand, Vietnam and Mauritius.

A Successful Industry

Why is the diamond trade so successful? Is it because every one likes a little "bling" in their step? Yes, this could be a viable answer, but the real one lies in The Diamond Exchange. This bourse is at the heart of the trade. Its sole purpose of this and every other bourse is to protect the integrity and interest of the trade. People in this business work very hard to keep up and maintain the tradition of working towards a common good. The framework of the bourses allows structure in the competition, which allows people to grow in steady competition in the global markets of today.

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