It is not surprising that the poorest country in the Caribbean have a troubling tourism economy. In the early days, Haiti was one of the best tourist spots in the west Indies but because of the political and economic problems the country continues to face, tourism is also declining. Many tourist locations are closed to the public of opened at reduced prices outside of the capitol so tourism is not a source of revenue for Haitian economy. The average tourist rate in the Caribbean is roughly 39 visitors per 100 residents, while in Haiti its only 2 visitors. So in terms of tourism, Haiti is not doing well at all.
To improve tourism as a source of revenue for the country more advertising of the country needs to be done. There are many wonderful destinations
that have the capability of attracting tourist to the island. Some of these destinations and trips are put on by the organization Club Med Magic Haiti.
This is one way that Haiti is trying to promote the tourism industry. Although the tourism industry have not been very successful, attempts are still being made to portray a good image for the country.