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Bar Espana has great tapas

The Barrio de Santa Cruz, the old part of Sevilla, is an excellent area to find both cheap hostels and authentic tapas bars. Santa Cruz is a maze of narrow cobblestone streets and squares with lime-washed houses and flowering plants. It is a centralized and picturesque area to come home to after a long day of touring.


Tapas are mini-snacks served in bars and restaurants and cost on average three€ to eight€. Typical tapas include olives, slices of cured meats or cheese, potato salad, fried fish, spinach with garbanzo beans and pork. Tapas are sabrosas while having a drink out at a bar but are not an economical way to eat (2).

  • Bar España is located on the corner of Calle San Fernando across from the University in the Barrio de Santa Cruz. It has an excellent, classy bar where you can watch protests march to Plaza Nueva. Bar España also has a beautiful dining room and shares the back wall of the Real Alcázar.

  • Casa Robles is located on Calle Álvarez Quintero 58 in the Barrio de Santa Cruz near la Catedral and el Patio de Naranjas. It is a classier restaurant with excellent food and a great place for raciones, a meal-sized serving of a tapa (2).

  • Bar Infanta, located on Calle Arfe 36 near Avenida de la Constitución, is an authentic Spanish restaurant where locals enjoy two-hour almuerzos. Infanta has as colorful bar with a variety of delicious tapas and sherry barrels as tables (2).


  • Hostal Toledo (95 421 53 35) on Calle Santa Teresa 15 is friendly and well-kept and has 10 clean rooms, all with bath or shower (2).

  • Hostal Picasso (fax 95 421 08 64) is west of the Alcázar and close to theUniversidad de Sevilla on Calle San Gregorio 1. It offers small but pretty rooms with comfortable beds and the option of a private bath. For more information write to (2).

  • Hostal Córdoba (95 422 74 98) has a plant-draped atrium and 13 air-conditioned rooms with shared bathrooms.

  • Hotel Murillo (95 421 60 95) on Calle Lope de Rueda 7 has a beautiful lobby like an antique showroom and 57 rooms (2).

  • Hostal Central (95 421 76 60) is not in el Barrio de Santa Cruz but is located in the center of the city, 2 minutes walking distance from Plaza Nueva on Calle Zaragoza 18. The hostel is clean and has a great location, decent-sized single and double rooms and private bathrooms (2).
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