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Sevilla Steets at Night

Nightlife in Sevilla is lively, and bars and disotecas are often open until dawn. Although most sevillans go out on the weekends, the streets are crowded and full of people every night of the week, especially on Thursdays. Spaniards love to go out and have fun. Much of sevillan’s social lives occur out in the streets. People often go out after work in the evenings to meet friends for tapas and drinks in open-air bars (2).

The city’s nightspots, full of students and young people, are on Calle Betis, Plaza Alfafa, Plaza Salvador, El Parque María Luisa near the University and near the Gaudalquivir River. The action also doesn’t usually begin until 1 a.m. or 2 a.m. in the streets and 3 a.m. in clubs.


Make sure to check out a botellón while in Sevilla. A botellón is a massive street party of young people. Literally translated, it is a package of alcohol, cups and ice. Botellón packages are sold for a couple euros on many street-corner stores and in most bars. Sevilla has been trying, without success, to outlaw these outdoor gatherings of hundreds of jovenes because they are destructive to monuments and trash surrounding streets and plazas.

Bars and Dicotecas

  • La Carbonería (954 34 33 40) is a small, authentic bar with a flamenco stage on Calle Levíe in the heart of the Santa Cruz barrio. The bar is often packed with locals and visitors after 11:30 p.m. (2).

  • Bar Picasso is a small, sophisticated bar located in the Nervión area with friendly bartenders, a dance floor and DJ booth.

  • Madigan’s is an Irish pub in Plaza de Cuba on Calle Betis where many American students congregate.

  • Boss is a discoteca on Calle Betis near the Guadalquivir and is the most recent incarnation of a club that has been through many identities (2). It is happening during the summer but is closed for Winter.

  • Catedral is a discoteca that is crowded in the Winter and located near Plaza Salvador where there is usually a botellón.

  • Fun Club is a small dance warehouse with a long bar and little stage, open Thursday through Sunday(2). Live bands also usually play on the weekends.

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