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Sevillanas dressed in Trajes de Flamenca Sevilla is one of Spain’s flamenco capitals--the Barrio de Triana on the western bank of the Guadalquivir River is considered the birthplace of flamenco. In addition to flamenco, sevillanas is another prominent dance in Andalucía.

These sevillanas are dressed in typical bright-colored flamenco dresses, or trajes de flamenca. They also wear shawls called a mantón de manila.


Flamenco, a mixture of music and dance, is a spontaneous expression of joy, alegría, and sorrow in everyday life. Flamenco was born in gypsy communities of southern Andalucía in the mid-18th century after tribes from India, North Africa and Egypt migrated to Spain in the Middle Ages (1).

This sensuous, spicy and emotionally intense dance is often associated with the marginalized lifestyle of the gypsies, or gitanos. Flamenco incorporates expert footwork and intricate, fluid arm, hand and wrist movements.


Sevillanas is considered the folk dance of Sevilla with sultry, sensuous movements. This spontaneous, more casual dance is often seen at festivals, or ferías, and danced between men and women or a pair of female friends. It involves more basic and easier-to-learn steps but also incorporates complex hand movements.

Where to Find Flamenco

There are numerous bars where you can catch impromptu, authentic dancing.

  • La Carbonería (954 34 33 40, Calle Levíes) is a small, authentic bar in the heart of the Santa Cruz barrio. La Carbonería, a converted coal-yard, is often packed with locals and visitors from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. The bar is difficult to find in this maze-like quarter, but look for its large, red door—the lively atmosphere is well worth the effort. Entrance is free (2).
  • Casa de la Memoría de Al-Andalus (954 56 06 70, Calle Ximénez de Enciso, 28) offers authentic flamenco performances almost every night of the week. Casa de la Memoría, located in the Barrio de Santa Cruz, has a small, intimate stage overflowing with vines and flowers. The audience sits in a close semi-circle around the flamenco singers, cantadores; dancers, bailadoras; and guitarist, tocaor. For performance information contact
  • Los Gallos(954 421 69 81, Plaza de Santa Cruz, 11) is also located in the Barrio de Santa Cruz and offers two-hour, nightly flamenco shows at 9 p.m. and 11:30 p.m. Some top-notch bailadores have performed at Los Gallos in the early stages of their careers. Show prices are approximately 27€ and include one drink (2).
  • Clases de Baile: Flamenco and Sevillanas

    If you will be staying in Sevilla for a month or more, you may want to check out sevillanas and flamenco classes.

  • Studio Elena Pachón (954 57 32 02) Calle Marqués de Nervión 10 in the Nervión area (4)
  • .

  • Estudio de Baile Alicia Vega (954 38 35 59) Jesús del Gran Poder 37 in the Alameda quarter (4).
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