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GibraltarStanding on the rock of Gibraltar on a clear day, you can see across the 25-meter channel to Morocco. The rock rises to 426 meters and is a territory of England with 29,000 residents (2). Visiting Gibraltar in southern Spain is a great day or weekend trip from Sevilla. Because Gibraltar is a sovereignty of England, remember to bring your passport.

To reach the top of Gibraltar, visitors can either pay to take a gondolier or climb the side of the mountain. Monkeys also live on the top of the rock, but beware of bringing food. Monkeys will climb onto your shoulders to snatch food from your hands or backpack. They will also pose for pictures and love to play.
Gibraltar Monkey

Tourism is the main industry in Gibraltar, and Spanish police often complain that it is a center for money laundering and smuggling (2). Many people say that Gibraltarís organized crime circles own property in southern Spain on the Costa del Sol.

Contact Gibraltar's main tourist office, located in the Duke of Kent House on Cathedral Square at (4500) 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday to Friday(2).

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