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Tourist Sites of Interest


scenic pictures of Iquique

This northern Chilean land is considered one of the most important archeological zones in the area due to the geoglyphs of the Pintados. Also the historic Spanish club is located here; one can enjoy the mural size paintings of Don Quixote, a literary fictional character by Don Miguel de Cervantes. Not only is Iquique rich in history but also enjoys a strong and vital economy and is blessed with warm beaches.

Easter Island:

picture of Moais during Sunset in Easter Island

This Island is famous for its famous native statues: the Moais.
The town capital is Hangaroa and it’s where most of the population lives. There are only about 2000 inhabitants. The island is a long voyage from Santiago but it’s worth the trip for the quaint experience of meeting these Polynesian natives as well as experiencing nature on this island.

Robinson Crusoe Island:

Robinson Crusoe island's clear wated and white sand

This island was named after Daniel Defoe’s literary character, Robinson Crusoe. Defoe
Was inspired by the XVIII century voluntary shipwrecked sailor Alexander Selkirk, who
Lived more than four years on the Chilean shore.

The island is great for walking and hiking due to its hilliness. However, bring
comfortable shoes and lots of energy because it can be tiring.
The best feature of the island is the waters. The waters are the most hospitable ones than anywhere else in Chile, making it a great snorkeling and scuba experience. The waters are incredibly clear, making it easy to see an array of native fishes and their bright colors.

Vina del Mar and Valparaiso

historical Vina del Mar

Vina Del Mar, also known as the Garden City is a city with beautiful beaches, modern hotels, fancy restaurants and fashionable bars. This is Chile's most luxurious resort town, attracting an interesting mix of visitors from all over the world. The beautiful park Quinta Vergara, which has an amphitheater, is located in Vina. The amphitheater has hosted famous Latin singers such as Julio Iglesias and Chayanne. There is also Museo de Bellas Artes (Museum of Beautiful Arts), and the casino, built in 1930 and set amidst beautiful gardens.

Neighboring Vina del Mar is Valparaiso, Chile's oldest port. It translated into the Valley of Paradise. Valparaiso is an important port for Chile’s fishing industry and has been home of famous figures such as Pablo Neruda, a famous Chilean Nobel literary prize winner.