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Having lived in Santiago, Chile, I can vouch that it’s a rich and beautiful country. The people are incredibly warm and very kind to traveling foreigners. It's also full of beauty and hi story..

Chile is breathtaking wherever you go. From the metropolitan capital of Santiago, to the snow capped Andes mountain tops, to the Volcanoes and Lakes in the South, to the dessert in the North, there is something in every climate for a person to enjoy. The scenic views and the historical statues are breathtaking. Also the wineries such as Concha y Toro are a site to see and while one is the one can enjoy superb wines.

The food in Chile is nothing like Mexican or Cuban food. It’s a lot of rice, fish and fruits. Chilean people love desserts and this is shown through the variety of dessert and ice-cream shops that are found in the capital. Like in Europe, cafes are also popular. German and Spanish influences are heavily shown through the food, customs and culture.

Chile is a great place to visit or even to live. One of their main problems is the air pollution in Santiago due to the growing city and the fact that the city is surrounded by mountains which trap the smog within the area. However, one can go to downtown Los Angeles, California and experience the same smog problem.

I hope this website peaks your interest in visiting Chile and that you find it useful in learning more about this wonderful country.